The Importance of Point of Sale

Every industry has its own jargon or lingo, and the world of Field Marketing is no different! 

So, if you often find yourself getting lost in sector-related acronyms such as POP and POS, this article is a great way to get better acquainted with POS (that’s Point of Sale by the way 😉) and discover how Mirror’s Point of Sale service can help you secure maximum impact and return of investment.

What is Point of Sale (POS)?

Point of Sale marketing serves the main purpose of drawing shoppers’ attention to your product or service, and is a great way to push products that shoppers are likely to impulse buy rather than a planned purchase. These displays usually occupy floor space throughout a retailer in the form of FSDUs, standing displays or clip strips, but can also extend to windows displays and floor vinyl posters.

POS displays are a fantastic way to insert your products directly into a shopper’s path in-store. By adding facings apart from the traditional aisle shelf, shoppers are much more likely to choose your product over your competitor’s.

Where space is minimal, Smaller POS items such as shelf talkers, wobblers and small video screens can also be sited on the main product aisle or rest on the counter to create interest, engagement and consumer connections with your brand. 
Brands can also use POS items for pushing promotions such as BOGOF or special packaging in the same way they can site larger POS displays, such as pop-up banners, posters and FSDUs. 
Here at Mirror, we are experts in Point of Sale Production and Placement. Here are just two of many FSDU installations in Boots and Holland & Barrett stores nationwide.

Benefits of Point of Sale Displays

  • Provokes Impulse Buys
  • Raises Brand Awareness & Creates Immediate Impact
  • A Great Way to Get Extra Information to Consumers
  • Semi-Permanent Fixtures Provide Extra Facings for your Brand
  • Temporary Promotion Sales Aids
  • Perfect for New Product Launches
  • Versatility & Mobility of a Display

What Should be Displayed on Point of Sale installations?

Point of Sale marketing is a great way to enhance your other advertising efforts, including TV and radio advertisements, social media campaigns and even price promotions, so it’s important to ensure that any signage reflects and references these. 

An often overlooked piece of Point of Sale marketing material, floor signage is a proven way to draw customers towards your product, but only when used in the correct locations to influence the customer’s journey and drive attention to key displays. 

If you are utilising FSDUs, it’s important to ensure that these fully branded and remain fully stocked at all times, something we can ensure as part of our Check & Fix service (see below). 

Why Choose Mirror for Point of Sale?

If you’re looking for an end-to-end Point of Sale service, look no further! 

With over 90 years’ combined field marketing experience, strong supplier relationships AND our own in-house fulfilment team, we can provide the best advice, support and in-store implementation of all POS items. 

Our in-house team manage all aspects of fulfilment and execution, and we also have a network of partners who work alongside us to create, design and print bespoke POS materials.

Not only do our merchandising team offer oodles of value with fantastic displays and high compliance levels, but we also include photos of your Point of Sale placement in situ to confirm compliance and report back any issues in regards to stock levels, space, positioning and locations as standard.

As previously mentioned, we can also offer competitive follow-up “Check & Fix” campaigns to ensure your product is topped up, tidied and looking fabulous at all times. 

Types of Placement we provide: 

  • Point of Sale Placement & Replacement
  • Installation of Temporary Display Solutions
  • FSDUs
  • Header Panel Changes

Working with Mirror will ensure a one-stop and streamlined process from concept, design and implementation of your POS strategy, so why not get in touch to book an initial chat and discuss how can start the perfect brand and field marketing partnership?