POS Implementation

Design it, Produce it, Ship it, Build it, Site it

POS Implementation

Design it, Produce it, Ship it, Build it, Site it

The innovative ways to engage consumers with POS is mind blowing, and incredibly effective!

There are many fascinating and innovative ways to connect and engage with your target audience through point of sale (POS). Some POS can be ingenious and creative agencies or constantly evolving what can go on shelf or be on hand to engage consumers.

POS manufacturers also driving innovation around the packing, building, and distributing POS. This is down to data and insight confirming the best way to achieve high compliance is for the POS to be walked into the retail environment and sited ‘there and then’ by a merchandiser.

POS being sent directly to store with reliance being heavily weighted on a store colleague to display (including siting to planogram or building as required) can lead to low compliance, POS being, or missing the valuable first few days on a promotional or advertised campaign)

This is where Mirror and our merchandising team can offer oodles of value with fantastic displays and high compliance levels, plus as standard we provide photos of POS in situ to confirm compliance, and report back any issues for challenges with regards to stock levels, space, positioning, and locations. We can implement, remove, refill, store, pre-fill, re-allocate or top up POS.

We can also offer competitive follow up campaigns to ensure product is topped up, tidied and looking fabulous. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but promotional offers, advertising, and the cost of POS creation – it is invaluable to make sure the customer experience, availability and brand guidelines are in place through the duration of the campaign!

Through our strong supplier relationship and our own fulfilment team, we can even produce & pre-fulfil most POS items.

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