Flexible Field Marketing Solutions

Reflecting Your Brand

Quite simply, we work with brands to get products visible which involves our team of people distributing, auditing, selling or sampling promotions all over the UK. Ultimately increasing brand awareness and driving sales.

We put product in front of consumers to make them buy it. We make product look good on shelf so consumers pick it up. Unlike the name of our industry – Field Marketing. We have nothing to do with fields or marketing! We provide people and logistics to activate your brand in store. We resource, plan and activate on your behalf.

Mirror Marketing has grown from strength to strength.

Our success is based on our straight forward approach and this coupled with our extensive management experience has proven invaluable. We are a major player in our industry and have the capability and resources to exceed client expectations. Our team are dedicated and passionate.

The majority of our business is through referral and word of mouth.

Our collective management experience within the Field Marketing industry totals over 90 years - this says it all!!

Merchandising & Auditing

Point of Sale Placement

Direct Sales into Convenience stores

Demonstrations and Sampling


Data and Reporting

We Can Increase Your Sales And Give You That Competitive Advantage!

We stay focused on the needs of our clients, our role is to turn your strategy and objectives into tangible business results.


Why is Point of Sale so important in todays’ retail environment?

So what is Point of Sale?  POS (Point of Sale) or POP (Point of Purchase) is what drives sales and encourages your customers to spend more and become increasingly familiar with your brand.  It is important…

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Importance of data and why data accuracy is KEY to your business and ours.

The benefits of making decisions with data are well-documented. A recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey found that 43 % of senior executives believe data is “extremely important” to strategic decision-making. MIRROR PROCESS – It’s ‘LOGIC-al’ Accuracy…

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Convenience Sales growth outperforming large stores – Perfect time to grow your sales using Mirror Marketing.

There are reports and evidence everywhere showing the growth in the convenience sector. Convenience stores are outperforming large supermarkets in terms of sales growth. Some facts: A recent snapshot of the market (Source: Kantar) for the…

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