We are Mirror

Clever execution works wonders!

We are Mirror

Clever execution works wonders

We engage with your brand’s ideal audience wherever they are! We take so much joy from providing the best sales and marketing activations, through effective field marketing principles to drive direct results for all businesses and brands. It’s simple…Field marketing connects customers with brands through human touch (people) and our people become your people. We cover a broad range of services, all designed to improve availability, to educate, to encourage and ultimately achieve the perfect execution and deliver sales.

Collaborate for Success

Working hand in hand with our clients we collaborate to ensure the right solution to maximise results. Our clients see us as an extention of their existing sales and marketing team. Our people become your people and we’ll reflect the values and integrity of your brand, when you partner with us. We’ll listen and learn about you and your brands, whilst sharing our expert advice and industry knowledge. Our collaborations are exciting and powerful, they really can give brands a voice across so many varied consumer sectors.

People Powered

Our people become your people! Field Marketing is all about engaging with your consumers. In fact, it’s a technique that revolves around using experienced people to interact, educate, and persuade customers to make a purchase or decision. The ‘Field’ can be anywhere as long as an audience is present (past, present or future).We use our people to complete a task or create a positive response with the people who will help your brand grow. Our people are briefed, trained and always ready to complete your task, at your requested time, in the right place to create the right and most positive response with the people who will help your brand grow. Our people are the right ambassadors to provide a vital personal touch to make the difference. This is our philosophy and it radiates across our business from our Field Teams, Brand Ambassadors and Merchandisers, through to our dedicated Head Office and Client Services team.

Measured Value

We evaluate, measure and monitor every campaign we execute. Our recommendation and live campaign reporting give our clients insight, and a proactive viewpoint at all times The value we offer and our commitment in making our clients feel valued is of paramount importance to us. We are sharp with our costings, so value is every use of word flow through everything we do. We are openly competitive and will guarantee there is no compromise on service. Our aim is always to work harder to support your spend, providing expert advice advice getting the best value and results from your marketing budgets.
Just wanted to say that I have really appreciated all of your help and experience that your bring to the party! Mirror's positive and passionate attitude and their work in our retail partmers has made a huge difference to our performance this year. You all are an absolute pleasure to work with.
Co Founder - fourfive
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