Brand Presence in the Wholesale channel!


Brand Presence in the Wholesale channel!

Gaining distribution and visibility in the wholesale trade!

At Mirror we know it is just as important for brands to look good at depot level, as it is in consumer retail. Great looking merchandised shelves, effective POS implementation, promotional (and fully stocked) FSDUs and Displays, and Sampling are extremely successful ain the Wholesale environment.

It is not just consumers who buy what looks great, highlights value, and rewards a positive purchase experience. You can influence trade purchases with a similar proposition and this forms part of a successful wholesale proposition.

Visibility at a wholesale level is vitally important to sell stock, create interest in NPD, raise awareness and drive brand loyalty with the trade. It can be tough environment where independent business tends to stick with products and brands they trust and know sells well.

Becoming a trusted brand within wholesale has its benefits including regular repeat business. With stock moving quickly through the depots, larger quantities of stock ordered, and it becomes easier to implement new lines and NPD.

We often come across NAMs and Sales Managers standing in depot on Trade Days, however perhaps a cost-effective way of covering this would be to use a Mirror representative to sell to the retailers.

Our Wholesale team are experienced, with excellent relationships in the trade and a reputation for delivering results for client and customer.

We have comprehensive coverage of all major Cash & Carry, Delivered Wholesaler and Foodservice accounts across the UK.

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