Measure, Evaluate, Comply & Grow!


Measure, Evaluate, Comply & Grow!

Knowing exactly how customers see your brand!

Auditing and compliance can be one of the most powerful insights for any brand whether that is inside or outside of the retail environment.

Are your brand guidelines being embraced by all your stockists or suppliers? Do you know how your products look at a certain point of time. Is your marketing (POS) material compliant and on display.

Are there challenges in supply chain or lack of availability to purchase, meaning sales are not being converted to their potential.

Is how your brand is represented correct at every available touchpoint?

Our nationwide team of experienced auditors have the power to enable you to check up on a brand or service, look at competitors, investigate processes or evaluate any form of compliance – from promotional material, how colleagues talk about your brand or product availability.

 Auditing and compliance visits provide a direct line of sight, data, insights, and evaluations to make definitive improvements and a better customer experience or automated response, ultimately driving sales, brand loyalty and market share.

Why not utilise our ‘Person in a Place to do a Task’ and be your eyes and ears! Find out what is really going on at customer level and let us be your ‘Investigators’.

Mirror can provide many auditing-based solutions including – product availability, customer insight audits, estate audits, feedback surveys and promotional compliance.

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