Keeping your brand on brand!

Your products are only living their best life if they are on display and looking good!

There is nothing more vital for brands than having their product available to purchase, that’s a fact. It doesn’t matter how incredible a product is, if a consumer cannot see it, pick it up and purchase it – there is no sale, and no enjoyable brand or product experience.

Merchandising is the behind-the-scenes magic to ensure your brand and products displays look their very best (wherever and everywhere they are stocked).

At Mirror we create consumer awareness through effective merchandising, clear planogram implementation and category signposting driving people to interact with and purchase from your product range. As an experienced agency, we know you can pay substantial fees to be stocked, on promotion, or even priority positioning on shelf.

Merchandising is potentially your best available service to complement your strategy and make sure your products and display are fully on brand!

Our merchandising teams have a strong understanding of retail, supply chain and store procedures. They have good in-store relationships which automatically generates trust and fosters a support network with colleagues.

The positive and corrective action we provide in store provides increased ROI and both client and retailer confidence and satisfaction. This builds long term relationship and a positive impact for all parties, and ultimately drives sales.

Merchandising campaigns include Product Merchandising, Additional Fixture Displays, Planogram Compliance, Range Reviews, Check & Fix, and on-fixture merchandising.

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