Introducing our New Website!

More than a year in the making, we’re proud to announce that our brand new website is now LIVE! 

Designed with our clients’ needs in mind, our new website provides a more streamlined user experience, enabling clients and prospects to easily access information on our wide range of field marketing services.

The website has been designed to be user-friendly, while the modern and vibrant look and feel reaffirms our position as a brave, ballsy and fun independently owned agency! 

Committed to Transparency 

As previously referenced, we are proud of our independent agency status, allowing us to stay true to ourselves and offer big agency services with small agency costs! 

When you choose Mirror, you’ll never be hit by unexpected costs – in fact, the more you do, the cheaper it becomes! 

And while every brand is different (and so is the final cost), we have put together our 2024 Pricing Guide to offer some guidance on what to expect. 

For a comprehensive quote based on skill level, length of activity and number of stores/locations to be visited, visit our new website to submit your quote request. 

It’s Not Just Pricing Affecting Business Decisions in 2024

Do you often find yourself relying too heavily on the retailer? 

As 2024 gets into full swing, there has been a noticeable shift in the retail landscape, with a growing emphasis on ensuring brand compliance – and many brands are already turning to Mirror for assistance (buyers are also recommending us to their brands). 

Consider FSDUs as an Example:

Brands invest in production and dispatch the units to stores for placement on the shop floor, but did you know that, in some instances, less than 40% actually make it to the intended location?

If this startling figure prompts a reassessment of your strategy, we can help! 

For less than £20 per store, fully inclusive, our dedicated merchandising team can take care of this entire process for you. 

The benefits include the ability to observe your unit on the shop floor through our searchable live gallery, ensuring it is filled and ready for immediate incremental sales. 

You also receive alerts about low stock or corrections, providing valuable ongoing insights. 

If you’re interested in delving into case studies and witnessing uplifts, get in touch today to find out more!