Increasing Visibility with Sampling & Demonstrations

In an increasingly online world, there is still no commodity more powerful than the human touch. 

Sampling & Demonstrations give consumers the ability to touch, feel and sense your product or brand, allowing them to connect and, most importantly, ask questions, learn and engage with a person.

People buy from people and purchase products that make them feel good, especially when they can understand the benefits, features, value and quality. 

Having the physical product in front of them and being able to try, touch, taste and see your product naturally ticks all of the above, driving sales and triggering more brand advocacy.

What Types of Sampling Are Available? 

The goal of Sampling & Demonstrations is to introduce customers to your product in hopes of getting them to purchase. By engaging with customers face to face, the power of your brand can be truly unleashed, and there are limitless ways of doing so. 

Here are just a few of the areas we cover: 

  • Guerilla Sampling – low cost, high impact and great results! Our team distribute samples and promotional materials in high-traffic areas, such as town centres and offices. 
  • Foodservice – driving sales by encouraging product trials in the workplace. It’s important to have a theme; win your lunch, spin the wheel, hole in one – we have lots of experience and engaging ideas! 
  • Events – if it’s experienced event staff you need, we can help! Our team can deliver the event from end to end, dealing with all the logistics of running a successful event.
  • Trade Shows – if you don’t have the capacity to attend, we will take the hassle away and run it for you!
  • University Sampling – freshers events and hall of residence drops. 
  • Supermarket Sampling – Agreed at a local level. Includes voucher handouts – raising awareness of NPD – and encouraging trial and sales through the till. 
Sampling isn't just about consumers! Engage with businesses (e.g. Foodservice Sampling) to drive trial and purchase.

What Makes a Successful Sampling Day? 

Here at Mirror, we believe that the selection of staff and presentation of the stand is equally as important as the product itself. Our experienced team of salespeople always give 100% and engage in any activity to the full.

Take a look at our top tips for a successful campaign: 

  • Timing – try to sample on the busiest days. We can advise based on the product, location and retailer. 
  • Deals – the product being sampled should ideally be on promotion in-store. 
  • Training – clear product training and a brief to ensure that samplers are clear on the expectations. 
  • Sampling Tables/Portable Bins – collapsible and branded, fully portable and perfect for ‘on the move’ sampling.
  • Banners – creates space and presence. 
  • Uniform – ideally branded. Making the campaign official and giving confidence to the customer.
  • Giveaways – everyone loves a freebie! Pens are the best. 
  • Point of Sale for Retailers – always appreciated and helps brings your brand to the forefront. 
  • Competitions – scratch card for consumers. A great way to create engagement. 
Distributing free samples inside and outside supermarkets is one great way to engage consumers during their buying journey - this can be agreed at a local level.

Why Choose Mirror? 

A typical in-store campaign can see sales increase by as much as a 600% – and our team are experts in helping you maximise your ROI!

Our experienced, results-driven Brand Ambassadors become the face of your brand. They are trained to sell or sample your products directly to the target consumer. Prior to activation, they are briefed on brand information, USPs and product specifications. 

They are also highly experienced in data capture generating quality leads for future and ongoing contact to further enhance and secure ongoing engagement.

Our experienced team can manage your events from end to end! Whether you require support sourcing displays or managing your stand, we can help.

Thanks to our great relationships with suppliers, we are well placed to run the entire campaign from liaising with sites through to organising the kit and handling operations on the day.

We will even advise on creative ideas and competitions to help your campaign stand out!

Are you looking to get your products into more hands this summer? Get in touch today for an initial chat to see how we can help!