Embracing the Power of Point of Sale!

Looking to insert your products directly into shoppers’ paths in-store? Point of Sale displays are the perfect solution! 

In particular, Point of Sale displays are great for pushing products that shoppers are likely to impulse buy rather than a planned purchase. 

These displays usually occupy floor space throughout a retailer in the form of FSDUs, standing displays or clip strips.

Point of Sale is so versatile you can build and create items for windows displays, walls, hanging from the ceiling and even floor vinyl posters. 

By adding facings apart from the traditional aisle shelf, shoppers are much more likely to choose your product over a competitor’s.

FSDU and Aisle Fins are two great ways to engage shoppers at Point of Sale.

Limited on Space?

Smaller Point of Sale items are excellent when space is minimal, and there are a number of creative items such as shelf edge strips, wobblers and small video screens that can be sited on the main product aisle to create interest, engagement and consumer connections with your brand. 

Bigger isn't always better when it comes to Point of Sale! Shelf Strips & Educational Boxes are two of many ideal smaller solutions.

Creating a great Point of Sale display at the point of purchase should be part of every brand’s sales strategy.

A well-executed Point of Sale display can: 

  • Provoke Impulse Buys
  • Create Immediate Impact for your Brand
  • Relay Extra Information to Consumers
  • Provide Extra Facings for your Brand
  • Aid Temporary Promotions
  • Raise Brand Awareness
  • Promote New Product Launches

Running a Promotion? 

Brands can also use Point of Sale items for pushing promotions such as special offers or competitions in the same way they can site larger POS displays, such as pop-up banners, posters and FSDUs. 
Smaller POS items such as leaflets, wobblers, shelf talkers and standees can also rest on the counter or sit on shelves to draw the shopper’s attention.
Give your promotion a boost with Wobblers!
To Finish
We hope you’ll agree that there are many fascinating and innovative ways to connect and engage with your target audience through Point of Sale, and if you’re looking to incorporate Point of Sale into your sales strategy, we can help!
As experts in field marketing, we can provide the best advice, support and in-store implementation of all Point of Sale items. 
Not only can we manage all aspect of the fulfilment and execution, but we also have a network of partners who work alongside us to create, design and print bespoke Point of Sale materials.
Working with Mirror will ensure a one-stop, streamlined process from concept to design and implementation of your Point of Sales strategy. 
Why not get in touch to book an initial chat to discuss how we can start the perfect brand and field marketing partnership?