Driving Sales into Wholesale & Convenience with Mirror

With over 90 years’ combined field marketing experience, Mirror are the brave, ballsy and fun independently owned agency behind some of the UK’s largest and best emerging brands’ top marketing activation campaigns.

And thanks to our partnership with Wholesale Brand Management (formerly Scot Serve), we are your one stop shop for driving sales into Wholesale and Convenience retail throughout the UK.

Since 1975, Wholesale Brand Management has been partnering with brand owners across the UK’s food and drinks industry – and we are thrilled to have partnered with them for full, end-to-end Wholesale Account Management

Through tailored solutions, a dedicated team and industry-leading technology, they will provide greater distribution and market penetration for your products, ensuring that your brand gets the best representation and treatment at every stage.


  • Customer presentations to obtain listings and range agreements.
  • Joint business development planning, including forecast and investment required to deliver.
  • Bi-monthly meetings to analyse SKU performance and create stock pressures.
  • Monthly data and visibility report.
  • Office admin support (e.g. order placement and logistics management)
Convenience retailers are a different breed, and many are very traditional and stuck in their ways. They view trying new products as a risk. It is therefore important to offer the very best deal to get a place on their shelf so even if they need to reduce the price they won’t be out of pocket! It is also important to drive consumer awareness through sampling, advertising, social media and competitions etc.
Mirror at a convenience store

Convenience retailers are used to Field Sales reps where the product is sold for cash and stock is merchandised straight onto shelf/chiller in the most appropriate place. An option to include Point of Sale (e.g. Special Intro OFFER – NEW – Try me now, educational on your brand etc) should be considered, this will make it stand out and create a ‘Call to Action’ for the consumer. Brands merge into one on the shelf so it’s very important to get this right and stand out from the start. Giving some Point of Sale and a free Premium (maybe a pen or two) can really help the sale. 

Brief Outline of the process

Step 1:

Wholesaler Agreements – Mirror can help you with this through our Wholesale Sales Agency connections.

Step 2:
areas around the Cash & Carry depots or, if direct, target key areas to visit (Using Mirror Visit Call file – over 40,000 independent convenience retailers!)

Step 3:
Offer the best deal and create leave behind – we are crossing the threshold of the store anyway so if no sale or decision maker is there, it is wise to leave a sample with the retailer along with a leave behind – telling them where they can repeat purchase/order from.

Step 4:

Create Point of Sale to support campaign – e.g. Posters, Striking Barker with call to action – NEW – try me now, WHAT is it? Shelf Edge Strip / Wobblers…Mirror can print/produce! 

Step 5:
Activate Mirror Field Sales Team
– fully briefed/trained and brand dunked team start face to face visits – carrying stock, selling deal in and merchandising onto shelf.

Step 6:
Set up repeat visit cycles to capture more decision makers and check if product sold through – if not, why not? Encourage further sales. Building distribution and driving new product lines into stockists. Gain/Sustain! 

Depot Sampling / Active Selling

Front of Depot / Active Selling can be a very effective way to get your stock into retailers’ hands quickly! Some basic Point of Sale and a deal is all that is needed. A lovely extra is a Point of Sale pack for the retailer to use in their store. 

Guerrilla Sampling

We have a team of excellent sampling brand ambassadors who are engaging with the public and always give 100%. They are experienced salespeople and will promote your product, not just hand it out! 


FEATHER FLAG BACKPACKS: Helps the teams standout in busy or large areas to attract attention. 

TROLLIES: We can supply branded trollies to hold stock for the activity, it can even be chilled if that is what your product needs!

COMPETITIONS: We can run competitions for the day/promotional period using our online quiz portal. 

STOCK: We can manage all of the stock logistics, whether chilled or ambient, if stock is delivered into our warehouse in Three Bridges.

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