An Introduction to Field Marketing

Field Marketing involves any marketing activities carried out by a business organisation “in the field.” 

In other words, it goes beyond online marketing approaches and interacts with the potential customers personally.

The types of field marketing activities carried out can include face-to-face interactions with prospective customers, such as street promotions, sampling, demonstrations, events, product briefing, store training and direct sales. 

But there are also many more subtle field marketing strategies. 

A lot of these are built around physical items such as of point of sale or marketing collateral, including but not limited to:

  • Merchandising – siting point of sale items such as shelf talkers, branded leaflets, discounts, posters and promotional shelf displays
  • Auditing – checking POS is in situ and displayed
  • Check & Fix – checking the product is listed in the store and on display (Important for NPD!)

Merchandising also covers product movement and ensures products is visually displayed to encourage sales.

Limited on space? Small but often overlooked Point of Sale items such as Shelf Barkers are great examples of field marketing.

The real beauty of field marketing is that it is such a versatile marketing technique, which can be adapted to suit the objective or required result for any brand or product.

Even the smallest shelves can be merchandised! Tray Installations are another invaluable resource for field marketers.

Why Choose Mirror?

Field Marketing Agencies like us at Mirror provide highly trained marketers (installers, auditors, brand ambassadors, merchandisers and sales professionals) that we place in the field (anywhere where a customer can engage with your brand) to interact, educate and persuade customers to make a purchase decision. 

Our Field Marketing teams (installers, auditors, brand ambassadors) are at the heart of what we do. Field Marketing is a people-based proposition. Our people connect with the right people who would want to engage and purchase your brand).

We can create nationwide campaigns and have teams of hundreds of merchandisers working across retail, or we can provide brand ambassadors to cover one exhibition or event. The flexibility and adaptability we can offer is second to none. We have a large database full of experienced field marketers ready to be the face of your brand – whether that is ad hoc, regularly or on a full-time basis.

Don’t Forget About Field Marketing!

Field marketing is an often overlooked element of the marketing mix, but it can have the highest impact! 

For example, brands spend hundreds of pounds on Free Standing Display Units – but what’s the use if they are not built/displayed in a high footfall location and filled & replenished with stock?

So, don’t forget about Field Marketing – it could be the best decision you will make!

Get in touch today for an initial chat to discuss how we can start the perfect brand and field marketing partnership.