Why is Point of Sale so important in todays’ retail environment?

So what is Point of Sale?

POS (Point of Sale) or POP (Point of Purchase) is what drives sales and encourages your customers to spend more and become increasingly familiar with your brand.

It is important in today’s retail environment as online shopping is on the increase, to capture those who are shopping in store. In the retail environment a POS display can be the push that your customer needs to make their purchasing decision.

Did you know – around 70% of in store purchases are made on impulse! The more you know your customers and tailor your POS to their interests the more likely they are to purchase your product.

POS is a driving force for in store impulse purchases and is the last advertising point your customer will see before they make a purchase; this is your final chance to give them what they need to know.

How POS advertising can be implemented varies depending on budget and location and comes in many forms from posters to window graphics to FSDU (Free Standing Display Units). The possibilities are endless and working with Mirror Marketing merchandising teams, your brand will come to life!

Why use Mirror Marketing to Install?

Our extensive experience in this industry and useful feedback from many brands tells us that as much as 70% of POS sent straight to store is likely to never actually make it onto the shop floor due to things like:

Getting lost or arriving too early/late for allocated promotion time

Being damaged on delivery/in the warehouse

No Install Instructions/in store comms on the promotion

Parts missing,

Store staff not knowing where to place it

Time pressures – lack of staff time to spend on building/stocking

So imagine spending money on having POS manufactured and sent to store to coincide with a campaign and promotion you are running – only to find that a high percentage has not been implemented or has never reached the retailer or it has been binned… This is the reality.

So why would you not budget a little more to spend on Mirror Marketing walking in the POS and installing/stocking this on your behalf and gain up to 70% more sales!

Some of the shrewdest and most successful brands invest in employing Field Marketing Agencies as a matter of course to install POS and these are the brands that will see a huge surge in sales as a direct result.

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While we are in store we can also do a stock check / audit for you and fix book stock errors. Maybe you are wondering why some stores just are not selling through your product – it could simply be a store system error – please take a look at Mirror Marketing AUDITING services for more information.