Let’s learn from Last years Golden Quarter…

I know for many… looking back over the last 18 months can be quite a difficult viewing! So, let’s be brave and rewind halfway to retail’s commonly named ‘Golden quarter’.

It was like Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol… and most retailer’s nightmare. Heavy investments in stock, presence, and promotion (At Q2 when the decision for Q4 was being made, we were all optimistic Covid-19 would not dramatically impact Christmas Shopping). Shoppers wary of venturing out, restrictions in place, and another lockdown looming.

So what can we learn from last year?

With the world still deciphering its way through the Covid pandemic (or pingdemic). There are great learnings we can take from Christmas 2020. At Mirror we are confident the retailers and brands who will thrive through Peak 2021 not only have to sell the right product at the right price, they have to be more operationally nimble than ever before.

A great example of being nimble from last year were the retailers who quickly realised Christmas 2020 was not going to be all glamour, glitz, socializing, and partying… but more small family gatherings, in front of the TV in snuggly socks, matching PJs, and comfy loungewear!!

Peak planning is integral for success… but being nimble and having the ability to adapt, whilst keeping an eye on trends and Covid-19 will be the winning combination.

Having a retail-based field team (Mirror Taskforce) you can trust and will actively adapt, flexing up and down as quickly as your buying, promotion, or product adaptation and implementation… will stand you in prime position for this year’s Golden Quarter.

Here’s a snippet from one of our client’s feedback during peak, last year…

“Thank you for this report – it’s fantastic! and thank you and the team for turning around the demos so quickly and seamlessly, appreciate the difficulties surrounding the time of year. There’s been some really great feedback” Holly – Brand Warrior – LoveRaw

Why not chat with Pip, our Sales and Business Development Manager – to see how Mirror Marketing is set up to adapt to the ever-changing retail environment.