Here’s why brands should focus on Convenience… post lockdown!

The growing trend is set to outlive the pandemic with 91% of people saying they’ll continue to shop locally – after all restrictions end (Barclaycard Payments).

The pandemic has seen consumers step up and support the local convenience store, grocery store, butchers and many more!! For some, it was exactly what it says on the tin ‘convenience’ and this could be due to a lot of the population’s circumstances changing dramatically by working at home. For others, they simply didn’t want to go to the big supermarket… it felt more assured shopping locally… and formed a new perspective and positive vibe to be supporting those local small businesses who have been going out of their way to support the community during the lockdown and the pandemic

The reported average visit frequency to convenience stores in May 2021 was 2.6 times per week (retail insight)

Two-thirds of Brits have been shopping locally this year. 63% spent extra at convenience, local shops, or specialist retailers (retail insight)

Consumers indicate they plan to maintain changed behaviours post-pandemic with 10% saying they are planning to spend even more locally, and less on other food channels where they purchased pre-lockdown. Could this be because consumers have had to become more accustomed to cooking at home, and they are actively enjoying it… or because they expect to be working at home more than they did pre-pandemic (no more takeaway coffees on the way to work, or a trip to the sandwich shop on the corner by their office).

Either way, surely this is a great opportunity to engage with us at Mirror Marketing to support your brand in ensuring the best visibility or perhaps a direct sales promo… which by the way works a treat across convenience and the Independent retailer.

One more thing… did you know? The proportion of convenience store shoppers purchasing price marked packs or buying on promotion dramatically increased during the lockdown.

Is it the shift back towards value becoming king again… price is high on the agenda for the majority of consumers, who’ve taken a financial hit during the lockdowns, or is it that more customers are walking through the door? We know outside of value, lifestyle agenda and changes are driving food demands.

Considering all of the above, a promotion within convenience could be a savvy investment.

55.2% of convenience shoppers purchased on promotion and 46.5% bought a price marked product (Lumina Intelligence May 2021)