Gardening & Horticulture and why Mirror will help your brand bloom!

At Mirror we are lucky to work with some incredible horticulture and gardening-based brands. This has enabled us to see firsthand how the gardening retail landscape has evolved.

The Garden Centre market has shown great resilience despite the global pandemic… with growing in-store sales throughout 2020/21. It is a difficult sector to move online, with online transactions proving more difficult, so growth is a fantastic achievement. Some Garden centre groups have proved slightly more successful than others whilst dabbling with an online offering.

Gardening products are high in demand, so other sectors have adapted their service offering quickly to include a wider and better range of horticultural brands and items. Supermarkets, DIY sheds, and discounters have all increased their horticulture ranges YoY since 2018. Adding to this, new retailers are also looking at how they can get involved – John Lewis is considering its options and Next has worked with Homebase to trial garden items within some of its bigger home format stores.

The Garden Centre retailer Dobbies has launched ‘Little Dobbies’ stores as a trial… locations include Edinburgh and Bristol, these smaller urban concept stores have been deemed by the brand as successful pilots.

Gardening & Horticulture brands are having to work hard to diversify their offer to suit the multiple points of purchase available, and it has never been more important to stand out from the crowd. It is now relevant to appeal to both a supermarket shopper, a bargain hunter or discounter, and your faithful garden centre shopper.

Point of sale, brief instruction, and ease of use (purchase) are all key for supermarket shoppers. Whilst, your Garden Centre shopper tends to be looking for more advice, detail, understanding, and visual impact… as the competition and ability to cross-sell can be much higher.

Garden Centres are reacting to the discounters, supermarket and DIY sheds with a more experiential and day out concept! There are some great examples of Pop-Up Yoga, Mini-Golf and Cookery schools, and Gardening demonstrations now available to entice customers to store. More space is being made available for brighter and better quality cafes and coffee shops. The Garden Centres are also diversifying their services – with the inclusion of farm shops, food, and home sections and crafting.

At Mirror we offer our gardening brands a varied and responsive approach when it comes to in-store marketing – these include merchandising, auditing, in-store sampling, and also the more complex solution of installing and removing displays seasonally… to ensure the right products are available and in prime position based when they are most likely to be purchased.

Our clients are impressed with how we work to the strengths of each sector, using our knowledge and experience to provide great results, whilst building strong in-store relationships.

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