Importance of data and why data accuracy is KEY to your business and ours.

The benefits of making decisions with data are well-documented. A recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey found that 43 % of senior executives believe data is “extremely important” to strategic decision-making.



Put simply, data is used to provide insight. Businesses, when armed with this, are able to improve the everyday decisions they make. This isn’t just for management either – it applies from the ground up. However, data is rarely useful in its raw state; it must be processed and presented in a way that works on the appropriate levels so that it can be applied properly. The latest analytics tools make this part much easier, but there is still a journey that information must follow before it’s usable.

If data accuracy levels are low at the start of this process, the insight will be lacking and the decisions it influences are likely to be poor as a result.

This is why Mirror Marketing strongly believe that the Quality Control Process is ‘’The Jewel in our Crown’’. We know through speaking with tactical staff that we are unique in our approach and no other agency checks the data input like we do! We believe that this is fundamental to the end result as important decision we know are being made based on the data that we are providing to our brands. Organisations must realise that quality is more important than quantity; too many focus only on gathering as much information as possible without thinking about whether it’s correct – have you ever challenged data?

Add to this the question of whether it can be trusted and you have the issue of integrity to consider as well?

Real-time integration

Data is undoubtedly the business’ single greatest asset. Now, it must be used quickly – or even instantly.

The periods of time in which brands have to make their decisions – both major and minor – are shortening. For Example during a Field Sales activity it is important to react quickly and flex to what is required to achieve the desired results. The ability to draw on the facts and figures and trends immediately instead of having to wait for days, or even longer, until it’s ready is key. It’s this instant access that Mirror Marketing are able to provide through live reporting that enables a firm to get ahead of its competitors, or keep up with them at the very least.

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