Convenience Sales growth outperforming large stores – Perfect time to grow your sales using Mirror Marketing.

There are reports and evidence everywhere showing the growth in the convenience sector. Convenience stores are outperforming large supermarkets in terms of sales growth.

Some facts: A recent snapshot of the market (Source: Kantar) for the 12 weeks to 21 May shows total till roll has surged 7.1% to £157m in symbols and independents. (Source: Kantar)

The overall grocery market sales grew 3.8% year on year – the markets best performance since 2013. The big stand out discounters Aldi & Lidl, together grew at their fastest rate since Jan 2015. Their combined sales rose 19.2% yr on yr to achieve a record market share of a huge 12%. A lot of growth in the convenience sector has bene attributed to an own label focus – The Coop’s 1.5% growth was driven part by strong own label growth.

The message is loud and clear – for brands to succeed in such a competitive environment both in major supermarkets and convenience a focus needs to be on attracting the consumer to pick up your product and maximise merchandising whilst on promotion. THIS is where MIRROR MARKETING can really turn sales around!

Mirror Marketing team of Merchandisers & Sales people are skilled at getting your brand into store and then the important piece – gaining you that extra space, displaying your products to the max and installing stand out POS – eg FSDU’s, Wobblers, Posters, Shelf Edge Strips… We can also check stock levels and ensure that there are no errors at local level. (after all we know that if left to the retailer, on average only 40% of POS will go up! )

Never before has there been so much interest in our DIRECT SALES into convenience – Both new and emerging brands as well as established brands are on the “brand wagon..” We are seeing strike rates hit an all-time high and it’s all about getting the logistics and steps in place to ensure a successful sales drive. Our connections with the major Cash & Carries mean that if we are pulling selling stock from C&C we work closely with Head offices and depots to get this right and stock is actually available to sell! (You may be surprised to hear this but lack of stock is one of the main factors, delaying and interrupting sales drives)

Our Tactical & Contracted teams can be switched on and off at the touch of a button..

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