Collect Convenient sales… with you Christmas Presence

Where are we at for 2021 Golden’s quarter?

We know the golden quarter sales of 2020 showed a huge shift, with 48% of all customers spending taking place online, according to Barclays Bank. The switch to online has been continuing throughout 2021 and the Covid-19 pandemic has only supported in exasperating these figures.

Before we start waving the white flag, we know as field marketing experts that the physical retail space is a tough cookie and out of adversity always comes opportunity!

Savvy Retailers…

Click and collect was more popular than ever last Christmas, for example, Argos saw a 24% uplift in click and collect in the week leading up to Christmas 2020. John Lewis was being savvy when it rolled out its click and collect proposition to an impressive 900 locations, including 500 Co-op stores and larger Shell Garages to offer their shoppers greater convenience…

The beauty of click and collect over online/home delivery… is that it provides a beautiful lifeline to those retail outlets providing the collection service, as extra customers are walking through their doors. Clever-thinking brands and retailers can use this to their advantage… An FSDU located near the click and collect can suddenly be quite a value proposition. The signage, store presence, and how it entices customers to shop whilst collecting their online purchase… can also assist in driving footfall and in-store sales through the till.

Team Mirror…

At Mirror we offer a proactive and collaborative partnership, we use our expertise, knowledge, retail trends, and supporting data to work with our clients to create opportunities to drive sales and brand awareness. Our Field team has a wealth of experience in negotiating space, working in the convenience sector, and stocking, siting, and replenishing promotional presence.

As consumers, we are naturally hard-wired to pay attention to things that contrast or are out of the ordinary. This is precisely why an out of the aisle FSDU will outperform an in-aisle display by a ratio of 5:1.

It’s important to not forget… Although these figures speak for themselves, the value we can offer is to replenish FSDU’s. The stats take a downward dive if the FSDU is badly stocked or even worse, has made an impact – but there is no stock on the FSDU. Retailers are tough, and empty FSDU has a tendency to be swiftly removed from the shop floor… than remerchandised (as it is the quickest option for them in the short term)