Beat the rush for the best Christmas Presence…

Who has ever watched a Santa dash or attended the local park run just before Christmas… It is a fabulous site of 100’s Father Christmas’ sprinting around the streets or parkland. At Mirror we genuinely believe shoppers will be hitting the shops early this year… so brands and retailers need to beat the rush for the best Christmas presence!

We are already hearing of potential shortages and with a good percentage of businesses, factories, warehouses, and logistics having to cope with their employers isolating… It is playing havoc with the retail chain.

From a shopper perspective, they don’t want to get caught like they did last year… with talk of future lockdowns and restrictions as we move in the cooler winter months.

Get ahead this year… by using ‘Mirror Taskforce’ our extensive UK-wide field teams to get your product on the shelf, and your promotional material in prime position. Our teams can replenish and adapt promotions based on demands. We can even support stock management.

Mirror is a cost-effective and all-encompassing field marketing operation. We can offer our clients warehousing and logistics as well as proactive account management and UK in-store implementation and direct-sales campaign. We are a one-stop solution for retailers and brands